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Q: Which type of students attend Steve’s Camp?

A: We recruit high school students from the New York City Public Schools system. Many of our campers will look, dress, behave, and interact just like you. Most of our participants and their families express anxiety and hesitation with going to summer camp two hours away from home for 12 days. We guarantee that once you get to Steve’s Camp, you’ll be sad to leave. You will be challenged, and it will be hard, but it will be worth it.

Q: Have there ever been any people who thought camp just wasn’t for them, but really enjoyed it?

A: YES! All the time. We frequently get people who on the first couple of days refuse to do any of the activities or engage with the program, who later come back to camp and tell us how important the experience was for them, sometimes later even coming to work with us!

Q: Which staff positions exist at camp? How are they chosen?

A: There will be an Executive Director, a Camp Director, 2 Program Directors, Senior and Junior Counselors, Apprentices, a Medical Director, Kitchen Staff, and a Facilities Manager. We are proud to say that more than 80% of our summer staff were once campers at Steve’s Camp who all undergo an extensive application and interview process.

Q: How can you ensure the safety of my child at camp?

A: We engage in activities that range from mild conversations to possibly dangerous like white water rafting and things happen. However, Steve’s Camp is committed to safety at every level (physical, emotional, mental, etc.) so we will do all that we can to prepare and protect your child and their peers for the experience. Our staff to camper ratio is about 1:5 so your child will have ample support. We have an EMS certified Medical Director on site and will make a trip to the hospital when necessary. Lastly, one of our “Real Values” at Steve’s Camp is “Real Safety” which all participants agree to uphold, aiming to preserve their own safety, but also the safety of their peer campers.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms is completely free to our families, regardless of economic ability. We do, however, ask for a $40 fully refundable deposit that will be returned to you upon a successful conclusion of the summer. The deposit is to ensure your child shows up to the bus stop on the day of departure since we are holding their spot (and turning away another applicant).

Q: Where can I find the packing list and contact info?

A: Check out our Bus and Packing list here.

Q: Who can I contact to learn more about Steve’s Camp?

A: At any time, you should feel comfortable reaching out to Camp Director Belita Nguluwe via email or phone (347) 336-3016.


Q: Where do campers sleep?

A: Think of it as a college dorm. “The Bunkhouse” has six bedrooms, each room containing 3 bunk beds (6 beds total), one bathroom, and campers will share the room with 4 other campers and their counselor. One night, though, we will go on a camping trip which campers will have the choice to sleep in a tent or under a water proof structure that they’ve built (a skill they’ll gain at Steve’s Camp).

Q: Can I bring my Xbox/ 

PlayStation/ cell phone/ computer/ snacks?

A: We confiscate all electronic devices on the first night. We do this for two reasons: 1) to protect you from dropping it off the mountain when we go on a hike or lose it while rafting down the river, and 2) we strongly value human-to-human interactions and want you to fully engage with the programming and experiences that we’ve put together for you. Plus, most phones do not get good cellular service at Camp.

Q: Without my phone, how will I be able to call home, take pictures, or listen to music?

A: We’ve got it all covered! You can use the camp phone to call your family, your counselor will have their phone for pictures, and we always have someone playing music! At the end of the summer, we will upload all pictures to our shared Google Photos and you’ll have access to all pictures!

Q: What if I am bored, uncomfortable, can’t make friends, or don’t get along with another camper?

A: Again, things happen… but we do our best at putting together an engaging, compelling, and exciting program for your summer. If you are uncomfortable, you will have at least 40 camper friends, 8 counselors and 4 directors that you can speak to. If you are bored, maybe shift your perspective and think about why we put this together for you. Making friends will be easy! Everyone here is in the same situation as you: away from home, with a group of people they don’t know and are feeling really awkward. Trust me, by the end of day four you’ll already have five new people that you can call your brother or sister. Trust me. And if there’s a conflict with another camper, we’ll handle it, and get back to making sure this is the summer of our lives!

Q: Will I be able to contact my family when I am at camp?

A: Yes, twice. Obviously, we don’t want to stop you from communicating with your family, but summer at Steve’s Camp is to help you disconnect from the world and really focus on you, your personal growth, and development. While your family is an essential piece of your development, we want you to focus on you! You will be able to call home in your first 48 hours of being at Steve’s Camp, then once more between days 6 and day 11. On the night of day 11, we will redistribute your phone, so you can call them as much as you want.  

Q: If I am homesick and want to go home or my family want to pick me up, what is your protocol?

A: Once at camp, we really, really would like for you to stay. If you are disruptive or insist on leaving, we can arrange that, but your family will be responsible for arranging your transportation back home.

Q: In case of an emergency, what is your protocol?

A: We have an EMS certified Medical Director on site who is the first responder. However, if greater care is required, we will transport to the Catskill Regional Medical Center (68 Harris-Bushville Rd, Harris, NY 12742). We could also call services, but our remote location often makes it difficult for them to find us.

Q: Will my dietary restrictions be accounted for at camp?

A: Yes, well, if you do your part, kitchen staff will make meals with your dietary restrictions in mind. By “your part” I mean listing things you are allergic to and cannot eat on your camp application e.g. you are vegan, vegetarian, do not eat red meat, allergic to tomatoes, or Religious dietary restriction, etc. We do not make accommodations for simple preferences (I don’t like to eat carrots). We serve to expose you to new and healthy food options, expanding your palate. It is incredibly important for you to list these dietary restrictions on your camp application, otherwise we cannot accommodate.


Q: I had a really great time at Steve’s Camp this summer, how can I keep in touch with my friends?

A: After a summer with Steve’s Camp you are eligible to participate in our year round programming: Afire (the social-emotional preparedness for life after high school), Mentorship (college and career readiness preparation), and any of our events/reunions to reconnect with friends who became family! Even those who have not yet come to a summer with Steve’s Camp are invited to join us.


You can also follow us on social media: Instagram - @schfnyc, Facebook – Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms. We want to keep up with you even throughout the year, supporting you in any way you may need. Office Hours are Wednesdays 4-6 pm.

Q: What type of job opportunities exist for me after a summer with Steve’s Camp?

A: We have several work opportunities that you can apply for: Apprenticeship (including a year of leadership training), Internship (6 weeks in the fall, winter, or spring in office work experience), or Junior and Senior Counselor-ship. Check out our Google Groups page for job descriptions


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