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Covid19 Safety Policy Overview
February  2022

Steve’s Camp is committed to doing everything in our power to provide our participants with an amazing camp experience that balances safety and fun. To guide our decisions this summer we will rely on CDC health and safety guidelines for summer facilities and The American Camping Association’s field guide opening summer camps. Each month we will update this document to provide you with as much information as possible. WIth ample outdoor space in an enclosed environment, we are confident we will provide a safe escape if we are mindful of the following: 


Testing: We will ask that all participants get a Test 72 hours prior to getting on the bus.  Once at camp we will check symptoms and test everyone again. After two negative tests we hope camp will proceed like most other summers. 


Vaccination: We will strongly suggest but not require that everyone who is eligible get vaccinated. If a staff member is not vaccinated, they will remain at camp and follow the same procedures as campers. 


Sanitation: Steve’s Camp is committed to vigilantly following the CDC’s guidelines for keeping camp clean and safe. Extra staff and extra precautions will be in place for ensuring germs are not spread at camp.


Masks & Social Distancing: Our masking and social distancing policies will depend largely on broader infection rates in New York. As of May 1st the CDC suggests all unvaccinated participants wear masks for all activities, while the NY State guidelines are not out yet.  What we can say now is that masks will be used in indoor spaces and we have the space to safely social distance for meals and sleeping so no more than six people are in an indoor space at the same time. By June we will have a detailed picture of social distancing at camp.


Managing Positive Cases: The current thinking is that if a positive case is detected, that person will be isolated and safely returned home separate from everyone else. If more than 2 cases are identified steps will be taken to investigate the situation and safely return campers if the virus is spreading at camp. 


Cancellations: Steve’s Camp will reserve the right to to cancel or modify the session session dates and prohibit admission if participants are not tested. Likewise, families have the right to cancel up to 72 hours before the session and their $40 bus deposit will be fully refunded.  


While impossible to predict exactly what the summer will look like, Steve’s Camp is confident that if we all adhere to COVID19 protocols, we can safely and responsibly provide teens with a truly wonderful experience. We will admit participants on a rolling basis upon completion of parts 1 and 2 of our application. Thank you in advance for working with us. Please contact Amy Stonionis at for any questions. 

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