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Steve’s Camp Acceptance form

Welcome to Steve’s Camp! Below you’ll find two main sections of information to be completed by the camper and their caregiver prior to the first day of camp. 

In “Permissions & Safety,” we ask caregivers to confirm their consent regarding medical interventions (if necessary), transportation, and media consent for the camper. We also ask for emergency contact information, including health insurance. 

Another important way we ensure the camper’s safety is to make sure all of the campers' families commit to a shared set of values prior to the start of camp. The “Camper Commitment Contract” informs the camper and their family about what is expected of the camper at camp this summer.

Note: Once you start this form, you must complete it. Unfortunately, you cannot save a partially completed application and return to it later.

Select the camper's program

Permissions & Safety

To be completed by the caregiver.

General Release

Transportation Release

Media and Camper Survey Release

Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency, this is the person whom Steve’s Camp will contact: 

Health Insurance

Camper Commitment Contract

To be completed by the camper (with their caregiver present).